2dengine was founded by brothers Ivan and Phil with the help and contribution of many talented folks


Silence, Ozzed, Dusty, and others


The Love2D community, Andre, AuahDark, Bart, Ben J., Ben D., Benjamin H., Davidobot, Diego, Emmanuel, Erin, Fabio, Zorg, Gerald, Grump, Ken, Kyle, Luiz, Marcela, Matthias, Paul, Roberto, Robin, Tanner, Tomas, Waldemar, Yuichi, and others


Seweryn, Damien, Davisdude, Florian, Grisha, Lydia, MadByte, N1ghshade3, Nixola, Sinclair, Thomas, Bob 'Mememotes', Hamsteralliance, John, Roland, Sebastiaan, DukeSkaath, EternalClimb, Foofaraw, LuxRyder, Eran, Real, MadDogTorx, Sigmar, CalmlyFrenetic, VaiTaPro, and everybody from Steam and Discord

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