Word Search
Word Search
Classic word search game with a bunch of topics and unique puzzles generated each time. Play in your browser completely free!
This is a game about running, dodging and shooting stuff. Blast your way through different arenas, defeat the evil Skullmaster and escape quickly to earn a spot on the hiscore.
Super Chains, the puzzle game
Super Chains
Experience the new challenges designed to perplex, delight and unwind the mind. Super Chains combines a variety of puzzles that everybody can enjoy.
Collisions, an atmospheric puzzle game
Collisions is a relaxing puzzle game based on timing, logic and anticipation. Explore a world of surreal machines and uncover the story behind the mysterious celestial object looming in the sky.
8-Bit Commando, run-n-gun platformer
8-Bit Commando
(2011, 2013)
Classic run and gun platformer with fast-paced action, a rocking soundtrack and explosions.
Chains, the puzzle game
Unique puzzle game with a distinctive look. Download the official patch which is not available elsewhere.