Collisions, an atmospheric puzzle game Available on Steam Collisions (2015)
Collisions is a relaxing puzzle game based on timing, logic and anticipation. Explore a world of surreal machines and uncover the story behind the mysterious celestial object looming in the sky. Available on Steam

8-Bit Commando, run-n-gun platformer Available on Steam 8-Bit Commando (2011, 2013)
Classic run and gun platformer with fast-paced action, a rocking soundtrack and explosions. Available on Steam

Chains, the puzzle game Available on Steam Chains (2008)
Unique puzzle game with a distinctive look. Available on BigFishGames and Steam

Touch Chess Free download Touch chess (2012)
Small chess program based on the Faile engine. Available free for Windows

AGen, 2D game engine Free download AGen (2007)
Check out our cross-platform framework for 2D games.

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